Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fab Mother's Day

I just finished listening to Chris Carter's "Breakfast With The Beatles" on Sirius XM. ( )I love this show - Carter is a very enthusiastic host, and plays a great mix of material. Of particular interest to me are his "themes", where segments - and sometimes entire programs - are linked through some common subject thread. However, this week, besides the opening song (an obvious choice from "Magical Mystery Tour"), there were no real references to any "Mothers" on this holiday. Even Andrew Loog Oldham just started his show with The Stones' version of "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby".

In honor of all you mothers out there, here's a list of songs to help you celebrate (except most of John's songs about his mother, which are kind of depressing.) Of course, all of the Beatles got married, and had children - so their wives became mothers as well. Therefore this list includes songs not only to Beatle mothers, but to Beatle wives . . Actually, some of these tracks are a bit of a stretch, but what the hey . . And there were a couple of songs I left out- even if they were about mothers - since they wouldn't really fit here at all

Sentimental Journey - Sentimental Journey
In My Life - Rubber Soul
Your Mother Should Know- Magical Mystery Tour
Mother - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
Let It Be - Beatles 1
Julia - White Album
The Lovely Linda - McCartney
Cook Of The House - Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Dark Sweet Lady - George Harrison
Momma Miss America - McCartney
Dear Yoko- Double Fantasy
We Got Married - Flowers In The Dirt
Bungalow Bill - White Album
Teddy Boy - McCartney
Oh Yoko - Imagine
Mother Nature's Son - White Album
Well (Baby Please Don't Go) - Live Jam (with the Mothers (!) Of Invention)
Yesterday - Beatles 1

P.S. Oldham is now playing "Julia" !

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