Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fab Dads

Just a quick blog for Father's Day . . .and for the first day of summer.

Not only were all four Beatles parents themselves, John and Paul each had fathers that were involved in musical endeavors.

Here's a cross section of songs that features The Beatles, a couple of "Fab" dads, and various "Fab" offspring. Since it's also the longest day of the year, note all the references to the "Sun", as well as the "Sons" (and daughters). And remember - the "Father" one travels, the less one knows !

1 The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun / The Inner Light (Transition) -
(from "Love") produced by George Martin and his son, Giles.
2 The Country Hams (Paul with Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer)-
Walking In The Park With Eloise (music written by Paul's father)
3 The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
(featuring "Father" McKenzie-originally Father McCartney)
4 Julian Lennon - When I'm 64 (TV commercial - Written by Paul for his father's birthday)
5 The Beatles - Hey Jude (written by Paul for Julian)
6 Freddie Lennon -That's My Life
7 John Lennon - Mother (from "Live In New York City")
8 Freddie Lennon -The Next Time You Feel Important
9 The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (inspired by one of Julian's drawings)
10 Julian Lennon & Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (from "Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll")
11 Julian Lennon - Too Late For Goodbyes
12 Sean's "In The Sky" (from "Lennon Anthology")
13 Sean Lennon - Into The Sun
14 Sean's "Little Help" (form "Lennon Anthology")
15 Sean Lennon- Julia (John Lennon tribute concert)
16 John Lennon - Beautiful Boy
17 Sean Lennon - A Little Story
(from Yoko's "Season Of Glass")
18 Sean Lennon - It's Alright
19 Paul McCartney & Donovan - Heather (1968)
20 Paul McCartney & son James - Heaven On A Sunday
21 George Harrison & Dhani - Rising Sun
22 thenewno2 - Another John Doe
23 United Artists Against Apartheid with Ringo & Zak - Sun City
24 Ringo Starr & Zak Starkey with The All-Starr Band (1989)-You're Sixteen
25 The Who with Zak Starkey - Black Widow's Eyes
26 Oasis with Zak Starkey - Turn Up The Sun
27 Paul, Ringo, Dhani and others - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(Concert For George)
28 Paul, Ringo, Dhani and others - Wah Wah (Concert For George)
29 John Lennon - Ya Ya (from "Walls & Bridges" - starring Julian on drums and Dad on piano and vocals)
30 The Beatles - All You Need Is Love (From "Love") - Produced by Geroge Martin and his son, Giles

and let's not forget Big Daddy's version of "Sgt. Pepper" ! Have a Fab Father's Day !


Ishtiaque said...

Very nice list. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing tracklist - you picked up many obscure ones, great job!