Friday, September 4, 2009

My New Column: Bob Dylan Examiner

Attention, Yer Blog fans . . .

This is the let you know that I am now the Bob Dylan Examiner. Please feel free to visit, subscribe, and/or comment.

This story, about Ellie Greenwich, has some Beatles content.

This one seems to be the most popular so far :
"Bob Dylan's joke taken seriously by The New York Times, Washington Post"

There were over 100 posts on the internet printing the story as fact. While I had only begun to post articles last weekend, that one - my first - was linked, as a correction, to the following articles and blogs : NPR's What Would You Like To Hear Bob Dylan Say On Your GPS Device?, No Sense Of Humour (basically my story, rewritten, but with a link back to my column), and this article in Paste Magazine.

Hope to see you at The Examiner !
Thanks for your suppport.


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