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Listen To This Blog: One-To-One Revisited

August 30th is the 37th anniversary of The One-To-One Benefit Concert, featuring John and Yoko with the Plastic Ono Elephant's Memory Band (with the David Peel Celestial Choir), along with Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, and Sha-Na-Na. Geraldo Rivera, who organized the event, was the master of ceremonies.

I was fortunate enough to attend the evening performance. These were the only full-length, rehearsed solo performances by Lennon.

These are articles I wrote, last year, about the show:

Part One : The One-To-One Benefit Concert, NYC
August 30, 1972 (Evening performance)

You Shoulda Been There: 30 August 1972 Part One

You Shoulda Been There: 30 August 1972 Part Two

I've also found some audio from the evening concerts on Wolfgang's Vault. These are all partial sets, despite what the "summary" says. Here you go (free registration required):

John and Yoko: This is only a fraction of the entire evening set.

Stevie Wonder: I'm pretty sure Stevie did a medley of his hits as well.

Sha-Na-Na: This is missing the opening song, I think.

Roberta Flack's set in not available, but there is a performance from just over a month later available here.

If you want to watch the edited, out-of-print, home video version of "John Lennon Live In New York", mostly from the afternoon show,watch this!

John Lennon-Live In New York City(1972)

This version of "Give Peace A Chance" seems to be from the original TV special, filmed at the evening performance: .

Enjoy !

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